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‘King of the Scuttlers’

Russ Davies – no relation – from Rochdale wrote this song after reading The Gangs of Manchester. It was originally called ‘Bad Boys and Broken Bones’. Russ sent a copy to Rob Lees of MaD Theatre Company in the spring of 2009, and Rob and Paul Cliff from MaD liked the song so much that they used it in the soundtrack – and trailer – for MaD’s production Angels with Manky Faces. To watch the trailer (adapted for performances at Manchester’s Dancehouse Theatre in November 2009), and listen to the full version of the song recorded by Russ’s band Bye Bye Johnny, click below.


Here are the lyrics to the latest song inspired by The Gangs of Manchester: ‘Scuttle’ by the Salford progressive rock band Trojan Horse. Thanks to lyricist and bassist/vocalist Lawrence Duke for sharing them:


Cassie’s gonna get himself locked up (I can’t do nothing)
Cassie’s gonna get himself a ball and chain (I can’t do nothing)
Cracking those stones with his poison arrow (I can’t do nothing)
I can’t do nothing

Sweet Fourteen
Swell cliché
Jack Downey
He nibbed Cassie
Beaks and crows
Devil’s claws
Lenient? No!
Slum hero

Autumn in January
Scuffle down Bengal way
Chalk it up onto the walls
Their boys’ll be one hundred fold
[pre]‘pare yourselves
Belts to bones

Cassie down at the front lines
This he’s done a thousand times
Brass to stone they’ll hear us fly
Those beaks’ll have a field day
[pre]‘pare yourselves
Belts to bones

[He was a] Gentle friend
Within his clan
Cassie Clay
Bludger he
Brass tipped wings
Street fighting
We all fall down
Iron crown

To listen to the track, click below.

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  1. mint tune blessed being part of this bring manky faces back i say .

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